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From Russia to Lexington: Chana Gellert’s Story

A story that began twenty-six years ago in Perm, Russia has come to change the fate of Leo Direct when Account Manager and top leader, Chana Gellert joined our team in February of this year. After being adopted at five months old, Chana Gellert voyaged from Russia to Washington D.C. “I had a great childhood,” says Gellert, “I did gymnastics, cheerleading, and played soccer growing up. I love a great game of flag football and am known for being very competitive, but my experience with sports was more motivated by a desire to be healthy and fit. Atmospheres with a lot of competition attract me, especially when that competition exists between teammates. I believe that competition is healthy, even on a career level thus, my attraction to Leo Direct.”

Chana Gellert was more than a student athlete, and she remembers her childhood as a time of growth and change. “I moved out of my parents’ house at fourteen,” says Gellert, “I went to two different boarding schools and met so many awesome people, but still learned the from my mother who is my biggest inspiration.” Despite her unwavering drive and dedication, Gellert dealt with her fair share of obstacles, one of which was a learning disability. “People told me I would never be successful in college due to my reading, spelling, and math abilities,” says Gellert, “I am so proud of myself for proving those people wrong. My biggest accomplishment so far in life is graduating from college. My next great accomplishment is yet to come.” A fun fact about Chana is on top of studying sports management and marketing, she also worked as a bartender at a classic college hangout, and interned for the collegiate athletic program planning promotions and marketing. Talk about proving the naysayers wrong!

After graduating from college, Chana Gellert made her way down to Lexington, KY, where Leo Direct was patiently waiting. Before walking through our doors, Gellert worked as a Salon Director in Training at Sun Tan City, and bartended on the side. She brought the customer service and sales know-how to our office when she joined the team. “Since joining Leo Direct, I have learned more about business than I did in all of my years combined,” says Gellert, “COVID-19 has had a pretty profound impact on our industry, however, the amount of time I’ve spent working one-on-one with management is beyond valuable. We spent our time wisely, joining Zoom conferences with other successful businessmen and women and created our own virtual book club.”

Outside of her affinity for sales, the Leo Direct leader is passionate about health, wellness, and self-improvement. “I had a lot to work on within myself when I first started this job,” says Gellert, “but this career has made me a more honest person with focused goals. I am passionate about teaching that same lesson to others and empowering others.”

In the next five years, Chana Gellert hopes to continue advancing within the company. “I know I can make a difference in this business,” says Gellert, “the thought that keeps me motivated is the legacy I will leave. I have an amazing boyfriend and dogs at home who count on me to do my part for the future we are building. I have my own goals and aspirations to be a major player in the business world, and that starts right here where I am today.”

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