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Being the Best Version of You Amid a Pandemic​

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

               In high-stress situations, an individual will do one of two things. They will either rise to the challenge or fail. Here at Leo Direct, we aren’t big fans of failure. So, instead of allowing the COVID-19 pandemic to defeat us, we stepped up and began focusing more on self-development than ever. Being the best version of yourself is not an easy feat, and it requires self-discipline and sacrifice. These past few months have been trying, but when we look at our team members’ resilience, we know that once this crisis has subsided, we will be stronger than we were when it began. To help you all find your balance in this chaotic world we are currently living in, we are sharing three pieces of crucial advice!

               Focus on what you can control. There is no point in wasting valuable time focusing on things that are out of your control. We had no power over the order to go into quarantine. Instead of stressing about this, we temporarily shut our office doors and moved all of our training and developmental meetings online. You see, over the years, we have learned that there is always a workaround. If we can’t meet up as a team face-to-face, then we’ll utilize Zoom! When you focus on the things that you CAN control, you are more likely to stay grounded and committed. 

               When you begin to struggle, and you inevitably will, seek support. Thriving through a pandemic is a team effort, and although your mentor has never dealt with a challenge like this before, they are comfortable in high-stress situations. Allow them to be in your corner throughout this crisis. Success, in the best of times, is a team effort. Why would things be any different now? Your people care about you and want to help; let them! Being the best version of yourself is knowing when to release the reins and let someone else guide you for a while.

               We know this may be strange to hear, but our last piece of advice is to be grateful. You are healthy, and that is what matters at the end of the day. We are living in an uncertain and scary world right now. You must look for the silver lining. Tomorrow is a new day and who knows what it will bring. Don’t focus one hundred percent on your worries. Instead, think of all of the things that are going great for you and how the next 24 hours could bring even more triumphs!

               When this pandemic first landed in the United States, we didn’t know what to expect. Even now, we realize that we have no idea how long we will be battling this virus. However, for our team here at Leo Direct, we refuse to allow the things that are out of our control to hold us back. We are focusing on becoming the best versions of ourselves, and in time, we know that our dedication to our growth will pay off!

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